Mr. Pratik Dabhi,
Tripada High School, Akhbarnagar

Education is the necessity for all but it should not create burden some environment around you. Looking into this aspect, one must see his own capacity and should act accordingly to achieve the goal in which he is interested in.In this venture, parents are the best tutors for their child because they can show you the correct way as they know you better then you. Lets accept gracefully that, as of now while reading this we are keeping the expectation point of view aside because it is "a one man show" all the time. After parents, one has an option of teacher to share anything anytime anywhere but again the child is hesitating and misses the chance because of some unwanted reason. Here collectively we have to work for the child to bring out talent and happiness together to burn the stage of life. Lets start the try from today. Give love and respect to your parents and teachers and definately you will see yourself on the top.