Std-10 Board Receipt Distribution and Small Career Guidence Program 

Visit to PDEU to Celebrate National Science Day 2024

Tripada High School students embarked on an enlightening journey to PDEU to celebrate National Science Day-on 28th Feb,2024! They attended a captivating lecture by Dr. Bhavanisinh Desai, Dean of Research and Development, focusing on "Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat". Afterward, they engaged in quizzes, poster-making, and visited SOPAL, a solar panel manufacturing plant. It was a day filled with learning and inspiration!  Kudos to our students for their enthusiasm and commitment to exploring the wonders of science! 

22nd MOTIF-TTEC Charity Walk

The 22nd Annual TTEC Wellness Walk (Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk) was held on 18th Feb,2024, the objective of this walk  is to create health awareness for the society. TRIPADA BAND students  participated with immense pride and joy.  Students performed BAND for the noble cause of the event.

Traffic Awareness Program

Traffic awareness program held on 02/02/2024  at Tripada Day School Campus in presence of Traffic Police Officers, Principal sir, teachers, students and parents.  Information was given by the traffic police officer to the students about learning driving licence and driving safety.
They appeal  to all  to  follow very strictly all the traffic rules and regulations while driving to avoid accidents.

Sally Ride EarthKAM Mission 87

Tripada High School's two enthusiastic students embarked on an incredible journey to Shree Narayan Central School for a workshop on
Sally Ride EarthKAM Mission 87!

During this enriching experience, our students had the unique opportunity to control the International Space Station (ISS) camera, capturing breathtaking images of various Earth locations.  This hands-on activity not only fueled their passion for space exploration but also fostered a deeper understanding of our planet's beauty and significance. Kudos to our educators for nurturing curiosity and providing such extraordinary learning opportunities!  


Surya Namaskar is a way to honor the sun god, who is considered a source of energy and vitality. Surya Namaskar is also known as sun salutation provides many benefits to all for the overall fitness. The 12 positions of Suryanamaskar is a bundle of many asanas which gives us tremendous benefits for healthy life it Improves concentration, physical strength, enhances mental focus and Improves general health and overall fitness of the body.

 On 16/12/2024  during  morning sesson students of Tripada Day School Campus, practiced surya namaskar and learned that how Suryanamaskar can become a part of our daily routine.

Staff Medical- Checkup by SGVP Hospital (25/11/2023)

National Unity Day - Celebration & Pledge

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) was celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The day is meant to reinforce the country's toughness and adaptability.  All the students wholeheartedly participated in the assembly to celebrate Rashtriya Ekta Diwas. Pledge was taken by all the students , Principal and teaching staff to uphold the unity and integrity of the Nation.



Navratri Garba 2023
Navratri the great nine day festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. It honors the goddess Durga in her various forms, which symbolize different attributes like strength, wisdom, and purity. Students of the Tripada Day School campus came in a traditional attire.
They performed traditional garba steps graciously with friends and enjoyed a lot.


Ganesh Visarjan 2023

Festivals promote feelings of social cohesion and communal harmony. Echoing this sentiment, the last day of the 10-day long Ganesh Festival concluded at Tripada Day School campus as ‘Ganesh Visarjan’. As the word 'visarjan' implies, on this day immersion of Lord Ganapati's idol takes place in a river, sea or water body. It was time for the farewell. Amidst chantings of, “Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Laokar Ya!” the students and staff performed aarti and carried the idol to the open ground where a big pool of water was waiting for the immersion of Lord Ganesha. The students bid a final farewell to their favourite God by chanting "Ganapati Bappa Morya! Pudhchya Varshi Laokar Ya!”

Digvijay Diwas Celebration

On 13/09/2023 , ‘Digvijay Diwas’ was celebrated  in the school and competition conducted by Swami Vivekanad Gujarat Yuva Board.
Students remembered swamiji’s  life experiences , gave speeches and shared some of the finest experiences about swami Vivekand’s life. 

Inter School Chess Tournament 2023

Tripada  High School , Akhbarnagar  organized  the Inter-Class Chess competition 2023 to provide a platform to the students to improve their logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem-solving. Students from  Std-IX to XII  represented their house with vigor, determination and a thirst to win. The students were categorized into two groups ‘Even’ and ‘Odd’. Each group played 6 rounds. In one group 25 pairs of participants took part. Every contestant was given 10 minutes each to make their moves. The result was decided either by the timer or by Checkmate by the senior chess champion students.
First Day ended with 2 participants who played finals on the next day(12th Sept,2023) 
Final match held between Nigam Bhavsar and Meet Bardia of Std-XII-GEN, time control was 15 minutes with increment of 10 seconds per move. Both players played the best of 3 rounds.
And finally the winner was NIGAM BHAVSAR of Std-12-GEN.
Whole event managed by Nigam , Sushen Trivedi and  other senior students.

Hearty Congratulations to NIGAM !!

Teachers Day Celebration 2023
Teacher’s Day is a special occasion that is celebrated worldwide to honor and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of teachers in shaping the future generation. Tripada Day School Campus students celebrated this day very joyfully. Since morning assembly to regular academic classes, they conducted their role very sincerely. Students decorated classes, gave speeches, wished teachers, take their blessings and played their role as a teacher very confidently. Student of Std-9-B Dix Joshi wrote a poem to  acknowled  the contributions of teachers.
Field Trip to Serenity Botanical Garden

On 3rd Sept., 2023, Std-IX to XII students field trip was arranged  to SERENITY BOTANICAL GARDEN.

Since early morning students started  to explore the nature creation  by Bird watching, identifying different birds,  various types of herbal plants and done some activities related to it. Students jotted down some notes, their explanation , taken  photographs of different species of birds, plants and butterflies to know more about flora and fauna, nature and environment. During the pond dipping activity, students learnt to identify different insects. In the auditorium they watched the life cycle of butterflies. Students learned happily various things related to biodiversity.

'NCC' Cadets Certificate Distribution

NCC has been an important part of our school’s  co-curricular activities. This year too, our Std-IX girls attended 8 days NCC Camp. Cadets  learnt many skills, values, importance of discipline in life and shared their experience with students. Principal Mr. Rakesh Patel awarded  certificates and medals to the cadets. 

'77th Independence Day Celebration

Tripada Day School Campus, Akhbarnagar  celebrated 77th Independence day, with great enthusiasm on 15th August 2023. The school campus was beautifully decorated with flags and balloons to commemorate the day. School Band welcome our Managing Director Dr. Archit Bhatt, chief guest Shri Chhotelal Gupta , guest of honour shri Amish Panchal , Principals and guests.  Chief Guest hoisted the flag, all gave salute and sang National Anthem together. It was a momentous occasion filled with patriotic fervor, full of cultural events performed by students and remembering the sacrifices of martyrs and their firm commitments to a united, progressive, and inclusive India. A message was given to become ‘Better Citizens For Better Tomorrow’

'PARAM VEER VANDAN' A Tribute to Martyrs

On 10th Aug, 2023 After Morning Assembly,  Tripada Day School Campus organized a remarkable event titled "Paramveer Vandana" to pay homage to the brave soldiers who have selflessly served and sacrificed for our nation. The event aimed to get our school motto "Better Citizen For Better Tomorrow" achieved by school children and to instill a sense of patriotism and gratitude in our students, reminding them of the sacrifices made by these heroes. 

An open dicussion regarding UCC

On 4th August,2023 in Morning Assembly one open discussion held regarding UCC ( Uniform Civil Code). The aim was to make  everyone aware regarding what is UCC ? India is a very diverse country  we have many different religions, cast  and races  which differ from state to state. The  information regarding this topic was explained by students of Std-11th Ms. Maulika Patel and Std-12th  Ms. Yashvi Gajjar. They covered areas on laws regarding marriage, divorce, inheritance and adoption. A quiz was also held on the same topic. It was very nice and informative session for the students to be aware about what is going on surroundings.  An open platform was given to the students to share and present their ideas. The Principal Mr. Rakesh Patel also shared his views regarding the same.

Inter House Volley Ball Tournament Season-II

Tripada High School arranged an inter house Volleyball Tournament Season-II. After 6 qualifiers matches and 2 semi finals, final was held on 27/7/2023 between Girls Blue Team Vs. Black Team. The score was in Set-I (21/12 – Blue Team won by 9 points) (21/14 – Blue Team loose by 7 points)(15/7 – Blue Team won by 7 points) overall Blue Team won the Final. Boys Final held between Tagore Vs. Bose The score was in Set-I (21/15 – Tagore won by 6 points) (21/20 – Tagore won by dues) (21/19 – Tagore won by 2 points)  Finally Tagore House Team won the match. The whole day was full of excitement students enjoyed matches with teachers.


Use of Fire Extinguisher - A Demonstation Drill
Experts from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services were invited to give a demonstration of different fire extinguishers in emergency. During the demonstration it was explained to the students that when to use which type of  fire extinguisher is very important it was of three types one having water, other cylindered shaped having carbon dioxide and the other one was "ABC" fire extinguishers are filled with a fine yellow powder. School is well equipped with required fire extinguishers setup. Students and teachers personally had experience the use of these equipments in presence of Principal Rakesh Patel Sir.

'Guru Purnima Celebration 2023-2024
'Std-12 School Toppers received Scholership for excellent performance in Board Exams 2023.
'Activity Certificate Distribution 2023
During acdemic year 2022-2023 many activities happend in the campus. Students participated in various activities enthusiastically and received certificates from the Principal Sir.


'Science Exhibition 2023

On 10th March,2023, Tripada High School,Akhbarnagar Branch  organized a small in house science exhibition at school premises.  Students of Std-9th from all the divisions participated in this exhibition enthusiastically. Students presented different types of models which were related to different branches of science like molecular models, DC motors, Irrigation system, lights, wind mills etc.  



A five day Science Carnival was organized at Science City. Students of Tripada Day School Campus, Akhbarnagar branch Primary and High School Section visited this Carnival and commemorate National Science Day which was celebrated on 28h Feb, 2023. Students saw various types of science experiments, working models , 3D Rangolis, Science Demonstrations, Aquatic Animals and also attended  ‘Be Internet  Awesome’  a small  IT seminar organized by Google.

'Pariksha-Pe-Charcha 2023

Tripada Day School student Dax Patel (Std-IX-B) participated in programme 'Pariksha-Pe-Charcha 2023' with Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji.. School Students also watched live telecaste of this programme.

'74th Republic Day Celebration'
Tripada Day School Campus celebrating 74th Republic Day of INDIA with great zeal and sprit of unity. Very early morning at school campus, ‘Tripada Band’ welcomed Chief Guest and Managing Director of Tripada Group of Schools Dr. Archit Bhatt, Special Guests,and Dignitaries for the flag hoisting ceremony. Parade happened with high confidence and discipline by NCC cadets. Students sang patriotic songs and performed dance steps energetically. Students also felicitated who gave remarkable performance in Academics and Sports.

On 12th January 2023, Tripada Day School students organized an event where students participated actively for different performances. The programme aimed to showcase students hidden talent in dance, drama, music and comedy. The theme ‘Kalakaar’ was chosen by the students and the whole event was lead by students of Std-XI-B Twinkle Pandar, Mayuresh Modak and Nidhi Rajpurohit. Students participated enthusiastically in this event and make the day memorable.
Inter Class Chess Tournament 2022
The Inter Class Chess Tournament was held on 10th January, 2023 at Tripada Day School Campus. The event started at 7.30AM onwards with a total number of 70 contestants took part in this competition. The contestants were split into 5 groups who were made to play simultaneously. Every contestant was given 15 minutes to make their moves. The result was decided either by the timer or by Checkmate. All the matches were knockout matches and the looser had to go out of the tournament. The tournament was a tough one with all the contestants putting out their best skills. Finally the top 3 qualified players gave their best to win the game. Shushen Trivedi (Std-XII-Gen) secured First Position , Meet Baradiya (Std-11-A) secured Second Position and Dhruval Bhavsar (Std-12-Sci.) secured Third Position

Field Trip - Science Exhibition at Gandhinagar
A Science Fair/ Exhibition was orgnized by Kadi Sarvavidyalay Gandhinagar, Tripada Day School students Std-9 and Std-11 visited this wonderful exhibition and learn a lot about various scientific theories/methods through various projects/models.
Cricket Tournament
Tripada Day School campus organized a two days interschool cricket tournament. Total 54 players participated in this league and were divided into 6 teams. On 6th Jan,2023 there was qualifiers round and on 7th jan, 2023 there was final round. The final match took place between “Crazy Tigers” and “Imperial Lions”. The team “Crazy Tigers” won the match by 37 runs.

Rubuk's Cube Cometition
Speed cubing is also known as speed solving, is a competitive sport involving solving a variety of combinations of puzzles, the most famous is Rubik's Cube - the 3x3x3 puzzle Cube. Rubik's Cube helps to uncomplicated thinking, DE clutter the mind, and build patience, perspective, and systematic process of the mind. Tripada High School, Akhbarnagar organized a competition between Cubers. 48 cubers participated in this competition. Rudra Khatri Class XI-B won the competition title he just took 00:00:18:14 seconds to solve the cube.
Seven Stones Game (SATOLIYU)
As time passed by, most of the traditional games began to fade away. Seven Stones popularly also known as Satoliyu is one of them. Satoliyu is also known as a Lagori. This game involving a ball and a pile of flat stones, generally played between two teams in a large outdoor area. Satoliyu, which was played a lot by the youth back in the days, has also begun to make its way to the international circuit now. Tripada Day School campus students revive this game, practiced it and arrange a competition between two teams : Std-10 Vs. Std-11. Girls students took participation enthusiastically and enjoyed a lot. Std-10 Won the match by 5/1 !
Std-9 and Std-10 One Day Picnic
Every picnic is a new adventure likewise the strudents of Tripada Day School Campus Std-9 and Std-10 enjoyed a one day picnic. The place had a lots of natural sorroundings. Students enjoyed the place, various activities, delicious food, games and spent the whole day happily and made the day memorable..
‘Pramukh Swami Janma Shatabdi Mahotsav Visit’
Tripada English School, Akhbarnagar branch visited Pramukhswami Shatabdi Mahotsav Exhibition cum Childrenpark. Theme parks are important to visit as they deliver a sense of fantasy and pleasurable experiences to each. Students experienced different thematic exhibitions in park, big sculptures, garden and colorful fantasy land as well as rich culture and heritage of India
‘Food Fest 2022’
On 1st December 2022 evening ‘Food Fest 2022’ a fun filled event was organized at Tripada Day School campus, Akhbarnagar by students. It was a fine learning experience for the students organizers to acquire entrepreneurial skills. This helped the students to learn teamwork, collaboration, creativity and accounts. The idea behind the event was to teach students to be good entrepreneur and administrator in future. Around 44 students participated in this event actively. The students used innovative ideas to create the ambience and atmosphere of our indian food culture. All the teachers, parents and guests relished the food and appreciated the efforts of the students. The whole event was conducted by Std-12th Students Jinay Shah, Parth Dave, Deep Patel , Maitry Panchal, Twinkel Panchal, Chanakya Prajapati and team. The students showcased their signature dishes beautifully. Managing Trustee Mr. Archit Bhatt and Principal Mr. Rakesh Patel motivated and appreciated students initiative.
Educational Field Trip to Gujarat Biotechnology and Research Center
Biology is the study of lifecycles. School labs are a great place for learning and understanding concepts of science topics which are taught in classrooms. A well designed labs which not only makes science experiments fun but also helps students to achieve good academic results. To explore more upper level of biology lab, Tripada High School, Akhbarnagar arranged an educational field trip to Gujarat Biotechnology and Research Center. Std-11th and Std-12th students joined the field trip along with coordinator Ms. Payal Panchal to explore and experience more about science topics.

Voting Awareness Campaign - A Cycle Rally By School Students.
Election is the most crucial event in any democracy. The citizens have the right to vote for any candidate or a party in our country. To create an election awareness, TRIPADA DAY SCHOOL CAMPUS organized an awareness campaign. A Cycle Rally was taken out with placards from the school campus to nearby areas. Std-IX and Std-X students along with teachers took part enthusiastically and gave message to the society.

Students of Std-11th and 12th enjoyed a one day picnic.
Diwali Festival Activities
The Diwali celebrations at school campus brings festivities in the atmosphere of togetherness and hope.
The students of the Std-9 to 12 celebrated the festival of Diwali with great enthusiasm. They proved that creativity and talent do not have boundaries.
The entire creative presentation of Rangoli making and Diya decoration was very interesting from the beginning and it filled the hearts of all students with the spirit of Diwali and they enjoyed the activities wholeheartedly. Group no.11 and 16 are winners…participants are Mehta Ritu, Nakum Hemanshi, Panchal Kamakshi, Baradia Khushi, Mevada Krishna, Bhavsar Shloka, and Desai Heeya Congratulations to winners!

A Field Trip to Visit Air Force Show and Exhibition
A three-day air show and an exhibition displaying the latest technology used by the Indian Air Force opened at Ahmedabad Air Port. The exhibition was organized by the South west Air Force Dept., Gandhinagar, Gujarat supported by the Indian Air Force. Tripada Day school students saw different aircrafts very nearly and knew their special features. They interacted with Air force officers and asked their doubts questions about the Indian Air Force, their services and mechanism of the aircrafts etc. It was a really motivational and knowledgeable field trip.
NAVRATRI CeleBration at School Campus
Navratri the most awaited 9 days long festival came finally. Tripada day School campus organized a Garba to celebrate Traditional Navratri Festival on 30th Sept, 2022 for Std-9-10th and 1st oct, 2022 for Std-11-12th .
The celebration started since early morning by offering prayers to Goddess Navdurga followed by traditional music with different forms of Garba. Students were seen performing dancing, singing and enjoying themselves in traditional attires . It was a great day well spent by students, teaching and non-teaching staff members. This day was indeed a day of bonding, where the celebration and dance became a unique combination signifying the diversity of Indian culture.
Volley Ball Match Between Std-10 Vs. Std-11 And Std-11 Vs. Std-12
One more day of games...Volley ball match Std-11 Vs. Std-12 and finally Std-12 won the match !
Congratulations to the winners !

Students and staff members gathered in school campus for the culmination of the 10days long festival of the Ganpati Utsav. It was a time for the farewell of Lord Ganesha Visarjan.

Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd, pleasanter indeed than any happiness and joy is the company, is the power of the name of Krishna. The birthday of Lord Krishna celebrated a day ahead with great devotion and enthusiasm by student of Tripada Day School Campus. The school had organized a DAHI HANDI CELEBRATION. Boys gathered to form a teams, made a human pyramid and attempt to reach to break the pot.The students were overjoyed when they broke the ‘Dahi Handi’. Std-8 Students Shourya Patani and Harshil Khapre played a traditional music, students participated joyfully in the traditional dance form and enjoyed the event a lot.
75th Independence Day Celebration
75 Years - The Azadi Amrit Mahotsav means elixir of energy of Independence, elixir of Inspiration of freedom fighters; and elixir of new ideas...The students of Tripada Group of schools, celebrating 75 years of Independence with great enthusiasm.
Tree Plantation at School Campus
The fun-filled activity of tree plantation planned by the principal and coordinator of the school was conducted in order to educate everyone, specially the children of the school to stay connected to their roots and to know their responsibility towards protecting ‘Mother Nature’. Various type of plants like tulsi, hibiscus, arjun, neem, sapodilla etc. planted at school campus.
Young students are not far behind in showing support to the 'INDIA'. Students of TRIPADA DAY SCHOOL CAMPUS in Ahmedabad made a formation that read '75' and ‘INDIA’ to celebrate 75th Azadi-Ka-Amrit Mahotsav.
Approximately 250 students of classes 9th to 12th, were part of the formation in making 'INDIA' by the national flag made by their own.

  A “Fire Extinguisher Demonstration”
A “Fire Extinguisher Demonstration” was Organized at TRIPADA DAY SCHOOL CAMPUS on 13th July 2022 for the students and staff members to create awareness about how to use fire extinguishers in emergencies.
Guru Poornima and Matru-Pitru Vandan
The teacher imparts education hence the role of the teacher is of paramount importance both in the present and future of a student. The TRIPADA DAY SCHOOL CAMPUS celebrated the occasion of GURU PURNIMA with great fervor and reverence by 'GURU PUJAN' and 'MATRU-PITRU VANDAN' program on 13th july, 2022. Each and every teacher was made to feel so special for their role to inspiring holistic development the students.


YOGA Day Celebration
After two years of Covid-19 Pandemic effect, this year on school Campus ground, 8th International Yoga Day was celebrated zestfully on 21st June 2022 with Yoga Master Mr. Kush Arora who is alumni of Tripada Day School.
School Reopen First Day After Covid-19

After multiple shifts between online and offline from the last two years, the school classes commenced in a full fledge manner from 13th June 2022 at TRIPADA DAY SCHOOL, Akharnagar branch. Morning Shift Std.9 to 12(EM) and in Noon Shift Std 1 to 8(EM) students attended their first day happily. Teachers and staff of the campus welcome students with kumkum Tilak.


COVID-19  Vaccination Camps at School Campus

As per the Government guidelines, school children and teachers for a safe return to school in the context of COVID-19 should be fully vaccinated. Many students have already taken the first dose of vaccination at school campus. Today on 7th February 2022 after 28 days of First Vaccination, a second dose was given to the students who are in the age group of 15 to 18.

Celebrating World Environment Day