Ms. Kavita Pandya

B.A., B.Ed

Primary Coordinator (Std - V to VIII)

At Tripada Day School Campus, we assure to mould our children to understand and face the challenges in the scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities. As our campus is activity based we provide a balance between activity and academics nicely. It helps to create more opportunities to learn & practice new skills. Keeping into mind that success is a journey; students should take full advantage of the activities happening in the school campus throughout the year. Our main domain is to develop compassion and understanding among the young learners.




Ms. Anita Gangwani

B. Com, B .Ed

Primary Coordinator (Std - I to IV)

With my prior experience of 9 years of teaching into pre-primary field, Tripada Education Trust gave me the recognition as a coordinator which was combined with my hard work and dedication. I am working here since 3 years with my main subjects as English and Grammar. I seek and reach perfection in my work; hard work and orderliness are the part of personality which reflects in my students work.

Learning is a constant process. TRIPADA HAUS FUR KINDER is the foundation stage of learning in Tripada group of schools. We at THK DEVELOP THEIR LANGUAGE SKILLS, DISCIPLINE, VALUES, LOGIC AND MATH. The focus is on Physical and Spiritual development of a child. The students of our school learn to be confident and responsible i.e they grow to become BETTER CITIZENS.

The mission of Tripada is to meet the educational needs of all our students by setting high expectations and offering stimulating curriculum. Our academics and activities help the children to develop confidence to face the challenges of life.

We provide the best possible environment needed for the growth and development of the child. The safe and supporting environment emphasizes the concept of lifelong learning.

Our activities and curriculum are designed for the development of gross and motor skills in a child. They are designed with the objective of relating learning to the child’s daily life. We even celebrate festivals and narrate stories related to it so as to preserve our culture and tradition.

We provide nutritious snacks for the good physical growth of child as well to inculcate eating habits among young learners. By doing these we encourage our children to develop their taste buds.

The teacher is the second mother of a child. The child is nurtured with love and care. The teachers of THK motivate, inspire, mould and support the child. Teaching is done through play way method to enhance the skills among children

I thank the parents who are the partners for having bestowed faith and confidence in us.

Primary Team

Teacher Name
Main Subject
1 Ms. Anita Gangwani B.Com., B.Ed. English
2 Ms. Kavita Pandya B.A., B.Ed. English
3 Ms. Mansi Shah B.Com., M.Com. Mother Conccept
4 Ms. Bindiya Shah M.A., B.Ed. Mother Concept
5 Ms. Radha Doshi BCA, MBA Mother Concept
6 Ms. Lazina Saikh M.A., B.Ed. Mother Concept
7 Ms. Dhatri Shukla B.Com., Montessori Mother Concept
8 Ms. Preeti Naidu B.Com,
Dip. Montessori
9 Ms. Akanksha Saxena M.Sc., B.Ed. Math,
Social Studies
10 Ms. Purvi Tiwari PTC, B.A.
Gujarati, Sanskrit
11 Ms. Purnima Parmar M.A., B.Ed. Hindi
12 Ms. Niyati Khatri B.E.(Electric) Maths, Science
13 Ms. Amita Khakhar PTC, M.A.
Social Studies
14 Ms. Maitri Patel M.A., B.Ed. English,
Social Studies
15 Mr. Antim Desai M.Sc.,B.Ed. Math, Science
16 Ms. Deepali Vyas B.Com.,B.Ed. Social Studies
17 Mr. Vinod Chavda M.A., B.Ed. Hindi
18 Ms. Sonal Pandya B.Sc., B.Ed.
Ph.D. Pursuing
Social Studies
19 Ms. Raksha Bhansali M.A.,B.Ed. Math, Science
20 Mr. Hardik Jethva Dip. Fine Arts Drawing
21 Ms. Neepa Negandhi, PGDCA,
M.Sc. IT
Computer (Std - 9 to 11 Comm)
22 Ms. Prutha Trivedi BCA, MCA Computer(Std - 6 to 8, 11 & 12 Sci, 12 Comm/Arts)
23 Mr. Kamlesh Parekh B.A.(Music) Music - Instrument
24 Mr. Devayat Vaisya M.A.,B.Ed.
Music - Vocal
25 Ms. Khyati Prajapati   Classical Dance
26 Ms. Sunita Lakum M.A.,M.Ed.,
27 Ms. Jigna Sharma M.Lib.Sci Librarian
28 Ms. Nisha Bhavsar M.A., B.Ed. Computer Operator
29 Ms. Lipi Thakkar B.Sc. Mother Concept