We are proud to have so many talented students who return to the TRIPADA campus every year on school foundation day - The Rathyatra Day. Our students have been testimonials of our strength and pride. 
Tripada Association of Alumni (T.A.AL) is working synergistically to support Tripada Parivar by bringing all the students to one common platform. Alumni take an active participation in cultural, community and social events like Navratri, foundation day Rathyatra, blood donation or campaigning for cancer patients.
The mission of TAAL is to :
o To inspire other alumni to enhance the leadership of the Institute and stay connected lifelong.
o To provide a focal point of contact among alumni to interact and network with each other.
o To support the institute with resources that it will need for its various activities
o To strengthen ties between the Institute and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural and social activities.
To register to Alumni network of TAAL kindly fill the registration form or scan QR Code.