Parent Teachers Meeting

The most beautiful process of human life is taking care of nature’s beautiful creation – ‘The Child’ by his/her parents. Our school is the result of parental initiative and we therefore warmly welcome parental involvement in our school. Let the school and the parent’s join hands to instill morals and values in our children which will make them strong to face the challenges of changing times and future. 

Parent Teachers Associations

PTA is one such association which helps to enhance the quality of academics in education, it is a non- sectarian association made of school staff, school board members and parents which work to support the school in various ways, for the betterment of the school community.

  1. Foster positive relationships between the school and families pertaining to the well- being of the school community (students, parents, staff and teachers)
  2. To be able to give time and afford the academics related discussion and all matters relating to the welfare of the students and to support and enrich teaching and learning experiences at the school.
  3. To make healthy understanding of education policies for school and thus influence to create a suitable climate for reception of the same

Mothers’ workshop

Every year we conduct mother’s workshop a constant effort to let them connected to their children. The focus of such workshops is to let mothers who are a first teacher of the child how he or she will go through the academic year.

Counseling Session

Parents are invited to understand various disabilities in learning and work on various remedies for a better involvement. Counseling pertaining to career advice is also given to students time to time which helps them to lead the path with right guidance.

Innovative Sessions

The parents are also invited for innovated and ingenious sessions such as Theatre in Education, Parents in the Role of Teachers, familiarizing creative activities etc. Alumni as Parents

The Alumni of Tripada has stood with us during the mega events, Founder’s day -Rathyatra and Navratri Celebrations. The alumni's' of our institution actively participates in all these events and enriches with their long term relationship with the school. Many of the alumni settled far and near have a close relationship with the institution.