Tripada Day School recognized by State Board along with the day school concept offers wide range of activities which helps us keeping up the quality of the education among the student.


The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board or GSEB is a government of Gujarat body responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction the state's higher educational system takes. GSEB helps us accomplishing academics, assessments and research and development. The state level board education with Tripada opens many career avenues for students to get admissions into institutes and universities.

The school modifies its curriculum regularly as per the norms of GHSEB Board Curriculum and follows the

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. We focus on:

  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school
  • Ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote methods
  • Enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric
  • Making examinations more flexible and integrated into classrooms.