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    Tripada Day School

    Better citizen for better tomorrow

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About Us

Tripada Day School a day boarding concept school, it is a boon for working parents as the child is under the supervision of responsible and committed educators. It is an oasis for nuclear families with working parents.

The day is academically utilized with the value propositioned activities like, personality development, theatre in education, optimized learning, teacher-student interaction, balanced diet and indoor – outdoor sports.

All the activities and teaching is are formed keeping in mind the mission of the school to prepare better citizens for better tomorrow. We make sure that each and every student is exposed to the holistic curriculum with discipline, moral values and integrity.


New Paper Style Std-IX & XI year 2018-2019
New Paper Style Std-IX year 2018-2019
New Paper Style Std-XI year 2018-2019

Tripada Day School (TDS) is a higher secondary co-educational English medium School. This branch of school was initiated with keeping in mind the need of working Parents where they can be at ease that the child is in safe hands and learners consider day school it to be a second home.

TDS is from preprimary to grade 12 which operate with English as the teaching medium with Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) affiliation. This is a three storied building having 1050 students in 35,000 sq. ft of educational complex with attached play ground and skating ring and a canteen with nutritional diet and snacks. The longer school hours are optimally utilized for the development of hobbies, systematic sports coaching and extra academic help. It ensures that the learners set on all round development.




The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board or GSEB is a government of Gujarat body responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction the state's higher educational system takes. GSEB helps us accomplishing academics, assessments and research and development. The state level board education with Tripada opens many career avenues for students to get admissions into institutes and universities.

The school modifies its curriculum regularly as per the norms of GHSEB Board Curriculum and follows the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. We focus on:

  1. Connecting knowledge to life outside the school
  2. Ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote methods
  3. Enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric
  4. Making examinations more flexible and integrated into classrooms.

Other Campuses

  • Tripada High School

    Tripada High School is a first initiative of Tripada Education Trust, established in 1968. It has already celebrated four decades of success and has conferred the foundation for the other schools of Tripada. It is a vibrant Gujarati medium school from Kindergarten to Std. X and runs a unique curriculum of mother tongue and also gain exposure to global language of communication, English.

  • Tripada International School

    The Tripada International School is a secondary, Co-educational, English Medium School has strength over 1200 students. Being affiliated to both the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Gujarat Secondary Education Board. The four storey school building incorporates the latest in layout and design and works on creative concepts and practical teaching philosophy.

  • Tripada Gurukulam

    Tripada Gurukulam is based on the concept of "Residential Concept" for students from Viramgam and nearby villages and has developed their facilities in a total 15000 sq. meters located on Viramgam. The buildup area is approximately 10000 sq. ft excluding dining hall area and has all the basic amenities required by the students.


    More Information

  • Tripada Singapore Internationale

    The Tripada Singapore Internationale' is spread over lush greenery over 12000 sq. yards. TSI proposes to have IB affiliation in two years down the line. The campus is designed to give learners an aesthetic environment which makes it a combination of academics, creativity and innovation, and will have subject teaching from grade 5 onward.

Academic Team


Tripada leaves no stone unturned to bring best out of the student. The structured balance of academics and sports helps me to strike the right balance in life.

Foram Shah

Grade 9

Learning Cycle at Tripada

The best school I have studied in! The teachers are cooperative and help me clearing my doubts there and then, and I am glad to be part of Tripada Day School

Komal Patel

Grade 3

Tripada Day School

Best being best in co curricular activities from Tripada Day school I have taken the trips to Japan and Lyles Center, California State University , this has made me grow not only into academics but given a boost to the personality development also.

Radhika Sheth

Grade 9

Tripada Day School