Mr.Rakesh Patel



High School and Higher secondary students need special attention as their needs are different . Even Parents have more expectations from students and school also. In the life of a student Every teacher has a surprisingly high amount of influence. Students spend the major part of their working hours at school, building their career or life continuously with interactions, experiences and perceptions. Teachers have great power to make difference in learning and life of a student. The power to motivate ,inspire and to support the students is teachers’ responsibility. In our school students enter with big hopes and dream. They seek out learning opportunities . We guide them for how to set appropriate learning goals, how to formulate an appropriate learning strategy, how to gauge whether they are making progress towards the learning goal and what steps to take towards it.

“ Challenges can be met if one has the will to face them”

High School Section Team

Teacher Name
Main Subject
1 Ms. Jyoti Bhatt
M.Sc., B.Ed. -
2 Mr. Rakesh Patel
B.Sc., B.Ed. Maths
3 Mr. Leonardo D'souza B.Com.,B.Ped,
Physical Education
4 Ms. Dharmisatha Patel M.A., B.Ed Gujarati
5 Mr. Tarun Bhardwaj B.Com., MBA B.A., Economics
6 Ms. Payal Panchal M.Sc., B.Ed Biology
7 Mr. Archish Mehta M.Com, B.Ed. Account, Statistic
8 Ms. Bincy Alex B.Sc., B.Ed. Science
9 Ms. Jayshree Shah M.A., B.Ed. English
10 Mr. Saurav Jain B.E.(Mech) Physics
11 Ms. Varsha Dave M.A., B.Ed Gujarati, Sanskrit
12 Ms. Grishma Macwan B.A. (Psycho)
PGD. Edu. Counselling
12 Ms. Dhruma Pinara M.A, B.Ed.
Social Science